Automation Project

Announcing a Special Fundraising Effort!

This year, our annual Book Sale and other fundraising will be focused on the goal of automating the library. Over the next month or so, we'll be publishing a series of posts explaining what this would mean for you, our wonderful patrons, and what it entails!

What does it mean to automate the library? It means electronically cataloging the thousands of books we have so that you can browse the collection online, put items on hold, and request new additions to the collection.

When the library automates its collection we will join the Catamount Library Network, connecting us to approximately 20 other libraries in the state. When you search our online catalog, you can also search the online catalogs of CLN member libraries and request books to be shipped here to West West - thus opening up over 500,000 additional titles to you, our patrons!

Automating the library's collection is not an inexpensive proposition. We need new technology like barcode scanners and receipt printers, supplies like barcodes and patron library cards, and a lot of staff and volunteer time to catalog our thousands of books. We have been actively seeking grant funding for this endeavor, and have earmarked approximately $2,000. However, we estimate that this effort will cost approximately $7,000, so we need your help! Support the automation project by stopping by the Book Sale on September 12th, or by Donating today through our website.